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Aloha Baby

Hawaiian/Hapa Haole Band

Based in the Northern Rivers area, Aloha Baby are a three piece band consisting of Ukulele, Lap Steel and Double Bass who specialise in Hawaiian instrumentals and Hapa Haole tunes singing in three part harmony.


Established in 2016, They've played festivals, weddings and events and work particularly well in al fresco dining situations. They also work with exquisite Hula dancers who complete the luau experience.


Consisting of Members Stuart Eadie (Clouds, Whitlams, Karma County) Paul Agar (Doot, Studio Owner) and Rod Coe (Slim Dusty’s right hand man for 30 years) they will whisk you away to a land of a million flowers where the trade winds blow your cares away and rainbows follow the showers.

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