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Brazilian Samba/Rock Band

Zambabem is a fresh young group of Brazilian musicians based on the tropical shores of the Gold Coast.


Available to hire as a duo, trio, 4 or 6 piece band. The band specializes in a style of music known as ‘Samba Rock’ - a mixture of samba (one of the traditional rhythms of Brazil) and American 50’s surf swing/rockabilly, that will make you and your guests dance all night.


The band also includes styles such as Bossa Nova, Maracatu, Mangue Beat, Forró, Baião, Reggae and Ska into their repertoire for the essential good times summer soundtrack to the beach that Brazilians are so well know for.


All that in a typical modern band set up - electric guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, drum set, trombone and the sizzling Brazilian percussion section that drives the whole performance.

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