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Animal Ventura
(Fernando Aragones)


A soulful blend of indie-soul, alternative folk and electro-jazz with an injection of samba-funk.

From a boy who followed the steps of his father in "Rodas de Samba" (Samba Circles) in his native Brazil, Fernando Aragones went on to become a popular Byron Bay-based singer/songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist, scoring television, radio performances and festival gigs, both nationally and internationally. 


Fusing the funky rhythms of South America and the acoustic folk-rock of the Australian coast with dub loops and solid laidback beats, Fernando has carved out his own unique space in the industry.


From a moving one-man-band solo performance with an acoustic guitar and live looping to duos, trios or the magnetic power of a full live band, Fernando’s smooth, flowing vocals and rich palette of sounds create a stunning musical experience.

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