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Peter Davidian
Sitarist & Spanish Guitarist

Peter Davidian- Sitarist

Bringing the exotic sounds of Sitar to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Beyond. From Weddings, concert stages, music festivals, yoga exhibitions, dinner parties and speciality functions.


Peter has 30 years of experience playing Indian Classical music on Sitar across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, India & Europe. His unfolding of the musical Raga is a result of traditional study and years of practice and performances.

Peter's Armenian heritage and his families long history in Bengal and Rajastan, India ensures an authenticity in his approach to the music. Peter has literally performed 100's of recitals, has recorded Cd's of traditional Sitar, as well as his own original instrumental compositions. He is also music educator, author, guitarist, studio recording & film musician.

Peter Davidian- Guitarist

The passionate and contemplative sound to Spanish Guitar music, which transports the listener to the beautiful gardens of the Alhambra, in Granada and into the fiery flamenco cafes of Andalucia. 

Peter is an accomplished guitarist, composer and recording artist, who brings 40 years of guitar study and performances to many a special event. Spanish, classical and flamenco composers, North African and Armenian traditional music are at the source.

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